Games Randomly Crashing

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Games Randomly Crashing

Postby johnnyhenderson » Mon Sep 18, 2017 6:39 am

Hi all,

I am having a problem with several games seemingly randomly crashing. Sometimes just to the desktop, and other times totally freezing the computer, or forcing the computer to reboot. Several games have done it (warhammer total war, civ 6, and divinity original sin 2). I have run the windows memory test with no errors found, fsc scannow no errors. Warhammer and civ 6 are both pretty tame games and Original sin 2 has crashed during menu, first load, or after 30 minutes of gameplay. The other two really depend. Civ 6 has crashed after 15 minutes and after 2 hours. It has not crashed doing anything else but playing games.

The computer has been fine for months until just recently.

I don't think the GPU is overheating. Using HWiNF I rarely see it go above 69C with the occasional spike to 72C.

I need some ideas. This is getting very frustrating very quick. This PC's main purpose is gaming and it's becoming difficult to game.

Windows 10 Home 64
i7-7700K (cooled with thermaltake water 3.0)
Asus Strix 270Z
32GB Gskill Trident Z 3000
EVGA 850W gold +80
Main boot and gaming drive is a Samsung EVO 500GB

Thanks in advance!

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