Hello, again.

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Hello, again.

Postby Delta_32-1 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:30 am

Holy moly it's been some years since I have been here. Probably not many of you left around, if you dont have me on steam Add me Delta_32-1V.3 Origin is Delta_Old2142. I'd like to play some games with people lol Hit me up whenever I am on I guess. Have a good one :punk:
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Re: Hello, again.

Postby 11_Panama_ » Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:32 am

Hola. Good to see* you.
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Re: Hello, again.

Postby WD-40 » Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:27 pm

Hello. I do miss the good ol dayzz.
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Re: Hello, again.

Postby mrjamwin » Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:18 pm

Hey there Delta!
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Re: Hello, again.

Postby Mandalore » Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:10 pm

Why hello there
[04:25] -SR-Mandalore: who pitches and who catches
[04:29] (SWGO)SWINE*FLU: We'll do it in turns.
[04:30] -SR-Mandalore: That sounds super fair
[04:30] -SR-Mandalore: Do you think other gay couples do that?
[04:30] (SWGO)SWINE*FLU: I reckon so.

and you come with the name Mandalore... really CREATIVE.
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